Siew Lan Low Guidelines

The Siew Lan Low (S.L.L.) Fund enables current TRAILBLAZERS paid members or active Captain/Volunteers to participate in club functions or purchase items, where they otherwise could not, due to financial restraints. The fund began with a $500.00 donation by the late Captain, Kiang Low.



A paid member and or active Captain/Volunteer of the current fiscal year; must pay for their purchase in full and present the receipt along with a written request. All members are expected to be responsible for at least 25% of the total cost before being reimbursed the balance, not to exceed a total of $50.

Application Process


The committee consists of the President, Member At Large and a paid member of the current year.

The committee will review the request and render a decision. If many requests are submitted at one time with minimal money in the fund, the committee will review the requests and render a decision.

Dispensing Funds

Currently, the total payments will not exceed $50.00 per person per fiscal year, in order for the fund to be available to more members. Special circumstances will be considered if there is sufficient money in the fund.