Siew Lan Low Guidelines

The purpose of this fund is to enable TRAILBLAZERS stoker members, volunteer captains and club volunteers, to participate in club activities where they otherwise could not due to financial restraints.

The Siew Lan Low fund was started by the late captain, Kiang Low, in memory of her sister, with a donation of $500. The TRAILBLAZERS Executive voted that in March of each fiscal year, the Board will see that the Siew Lan Low account will be topped up with up to 10% of yearly donations, if needed to maintain a balance of $500.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Eligible persons

Stoker members, active volunteer captains and club volunteers who express financial need.

2. Eligible expenses

Any items related to participation in cycling activities with the TRAILBLAZERS, for example, cycling-related clothing, cycling accessories; club event tickets; and personal costs for attending club-related events such as transportation, care for a dependant or a service animal, the cost of food and non-alcoholic beverages. Memberships are not eligible.

3. Fund Criteria

The fund will cover 75% of eligible expenses up to a limit of $75 reimbursement per eligible person per fiscal year.

4. Application requirements and Procedure

To be reviewed by the Siew Lan Low committee, the following conditions must be met:

5. Review Committee

The committee consists of the President, 1 Member At Large and a paid member of the current year.

The committee will review the request and render a decision within 3 weeks from receiving the application.

The committee makes its decisions based on criteria such as the following:

6. Governing principles and confidentiality

The Siew Lan Low Fund Committee: To review all requests for funding fairly and in accordance with the funding criteria.

All applicants’ information will be kept confidential with TRAILBLAZERS Executive Board and within the Siew Lan Low review committee.

Updated March 2021.