1. Club members must pay an annual membership fee, prior to being permitted to use Club equipment. This fee entitles the Member to keys, security cards and combination codes as required for access to tandems, and entitles the member to participate in club activities.
  2. Club members choosing not to renew their membership shall return keys and security cards.
  3. Membership Fees will not be refunded unless there has been a circumstance which has been deemed by the TRAILBLAZERS Executive to be deserving of such refund.
  4. Lost keys and security cards must be reported to the Executive. A replacement fee will be charged in the amount of $5 for each lost key and $10 for each lost security card.
  5. Keys, security cards and combination codes are not to be loaned or shared under any circumstances.
  6. Each Member, Captain or Volunteer must sign a waiver form annually, absolving the TRAILBLAZERS Tandem Cycling Club of all responsibility for any personal injuries while riding a Club Tandem or participating in club activities. Use of club equipment or participation in club activities is prohibited without a current waiver.
  7. Tandems must be booked through the Ride Convenor. When applicable, Members must sign the book which is located in the storage shed or security/maintenance office, when taking out a club Tandem.
  8. In fairness to all involved, notice of ride cancellations must be reported to the Ride Convenor as soon as possible.
  9. Mechanical problems and issues with defective and/or missing equipment shall be reported to the Ride convenor immediately after a ride.
  10. Bicycles must be kept at TRAILBLAZERS storage sheds unless otherwise approved by the Executive.
  11. Persons who are legally blind are not permitted to ride on the front of a club tandem.
  12. Members, Captains and Volunteers must be 16 (sixteen) years of age or over to ride a club tandem.
  13. All Members, Captains and Volunteers shall agree to abide by the TRAILBLAZERS Policy & Actions on Anti-Racism, Access & Equity. This policy is available on our website, or by contacting a member of the executive.
  14. Each new club Member, Captain or Volunteer must participate in an orientation and training ride sanctioned by the Executive. Independent or group riding will not be permitted until he/she satisfies the organizer of such orientation session, that they understand TRAILBLAZERS procedures and are able to safely operate a tandem bicycle.
  15. All persons using club bicycles, and participating in club rides, must wear an approved bicycle helmet while riding.
  16. Every Member, Captain or Volunteer must follow all Provincial and Municipal rules of the road while cycling.
  17. Accidents or injuries during a club ride must be reported to a member of the executive as soon as possible.
  18. Members, Captains and Volunteers must abstain from the consumption of alcohol or other substances that may impair judgment, during club rides.
  19. As bicycles are considered Vehicles, all persons riding on the front of a club tandem must comply with Ontario Regulation 340/94. This specifies basic medical standards which must be met for the operation of a vehicle. Any person who is aware, or becomes aware of any condition that would prohibit operation of a vehicle under the regulation, is required to advise the club of such condition.