Welcome to Trailblazers

Welcome to Trailblazers script (pdf)

How Trailblazers Works

How Trailblazers Works script (pdf)

Tandems 101

Tandems 101 script (pdf)

The Captain and the Stoker

The Captain and the Stoker script (pdf)

Preparing to Ride

Preparing to Ride script (pdf)

Riding a Tandem: Mounting and Dismounting

Mounting and Dismounting script (pdf)

Riding a Tandem: Starting Up

Starting Up script (pdf)

Riding a Tandem: Stopping

Stopping script (pdf)

The Pre-Ride Conversation

The Pre-Ride Conversation script (pdf)

Communicating During the Ride

Communicating During the Ride script (pdf)

Gears Part 1: Introduction to Gearing

Introduction to Gearing script (pdf)

Gears Part 2: Starts, Stops, and Hills

Starts, Stops, and Hills script (pdf)

Gears Part 3: Cross-Chaining is Bad

Cross-Chaining is Bad script (pdf)

In Conclusion

In Conclusion script (pdf)

Any questions, just call (647) 849-5900 and leave a message or e-mail info@TrailblazersTandem.org. We will get back to you within 48 hours.