Welcome to TRAILBLAZERS Tandem Cycling Club. In this first set of videos, you will learn what our club is all about, and why we are so unique in this urban metropolis of Toronto! You will learn about the logistics of participating in pre-arranged bike rides in large groups and about scheduling rides of your own. The module ends by introducing you to the concept of a tandem bicycle and the roles of the two individuals on the tandem.

Welcome to Trailblazers

Welcome to Trailblazers script (pdf)

How Trailblazers Works

How Trailblazers Works script (pdf)

Tandems 101

Tandems 101 script (pdf)

The Captain and the Stoker

The Captain and the Stoker script (pdf)

Preparing to Ride

In this module, we discuss the essential steps for making sure you and your fellow rider are ready for the trip. A successful ride always starts with an open conversation between the two of you – greeting each other, discussing preferences and expectations for your ride together, discussing each of your time commitments, etc... We next look at selecting the correct bicycle for you both, ensuring that the bike is roadworthy, and that you and your partner have everything you will need on the road.

Preparing to Ride

Preparing to Ride script (pdf)

Riding a Tandem: Mounting and Dismounting

Mounting and Dismounting script (pdf)

Riding a Tandem: Starting Up

Starting Up script (pdf)

Riding a Tandem: Stopping

Stopping script (pdf)

Coordination and Communication

Time to get on the bike! So much of tandem biking, particularly when enjoying a ride with a person with vision loss, requires synchronization of movements: from mounting the bike itself and getting in motion to pedalling together, maneuvering, stopping and dismounting. None of these would be possible without effective communication between the riders. In this section, we also introduce you to the concept of sighted guide and walking a tandem bike together.

The Pre-Ride Conversation

The Pre-Ride Conversation script (pdf)

Communicating During the Ride

Communicating During the Ride script (pdf)


Although this module is geared (no pun intended!) toward captains, we hope you stokers will stay tuned as well. Gear-changing on a tandem is similar to that of a single bike, but with some notable differences. It is important for the captain to verbalize gear changes because the stoker has no other way to expect a change in pedal tension. Tandems are larger and heavier than single bikes, and so are less forgiving of abrupt or last-second gear changes. This section introduces you to the most common gearing scenarios on a tandem as well as a type of gearing situation to avoid.

Gears Part 1: Introduction to Gearing

Introduction to Gearing script (pdf)

Gears Part 2: Starts, Stops, and Hills

Starts, Stops, and Hills script (pdf)

Gears Part 3: Cross-Chaining is Bad

Cross-Chaining is Bad script (pdf)

In Conclusion

In Conclusion script (pdf)

Any questions, just call (647) 849-5900 and leave a message or e-mail info@TrailblazersTandem.org. We will get back to you within 48 hours.