About Us

Our Mission

We are a recreational cycling club with a twist. We give people who are partially sighted, blind and deaf-blind the opportunity to cycle with sighted volunteers on our tandems (bicycles built for two).

Our Mandate

We are a community-based recreational cycling club with a twist. With a vision of social and physical health for all, we are committed to being a catalyst for healthier and inclusive physical activities for all. This focuses on our primary value of inclusion across a diverse community and specifically around recreational opportunity for those who have limited or no vision. To do this, we provide the opportunity to cycle with sighted volunteers on our tandems.

Who We Are and What We Do

Our Board of Directors and organization membership is largely blind and vision impaired persons. Members and volunteers arrange through our Ride convenor impromptu recreational rides. In addition, scheduled group rides, orientations, day and out of town weekend trips are integral events in our club, as are social events such as Bar-B-Q’s and banquets. Some of these scheduled rides include fund-raising for other charities, such as Ride for Rouge and the Becel Ride for Heart.

Our Beginnings

The TRAILBLAZERS Tandem Cycling club has been in operation since Summer 1986, and a Registered Charity since 2002. REGISTERED CHARITY #86786 4753 RR0001.


Safety is always a concern and orientation sessions are provided for new members and volunteers. All of our tandems are well maintained and tool kits are provided at the storage sites for small repairs. For more extensive adjustments or repairs we send bikes out to a qualified mechanic.