TRAILBLAZERS Tandem Cycling Club

Since 1986. Celebrating over 35 Years!

The TRAILBLAZERS Tandem Cycling Club, a registered charity, provides recreational cycling to people who have limited or no vision, the opportunity to cycle with sighted volunteers on our tandems (bicycles built for two).

COVID-19 Safety Protocol

TRAILBLAZERS has the following COVID-19 safety measures in place:

  1. Before each tandem ride, cyclists have to complete Ontario's COVID‑19 online self assessment tool and have to fill out, sign and submit our TRAILBLAZERS COVID-19 self assessment waiver. A new waiver is required for every new ride.
  2. Cyclists are asked to wear a mask during breaks or when taking out and preparing bikes. Wearing a mask while cycling is optional.
  3. Cyclists are required to sanitize the bike upon return to the shed (Handlebars, bell, gears). Cleaning supplies can be found in all storage locations.
  4. Since social distancing is very difficult between our sighted cyclists and our members during a ride, we match up the same volunteers with the same members to create "mini bubbles".

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    Stoker Waiver (pdf), Stoker Questionnaire (google doc)


    Captain Waiver (pdf), Captain Questionnaire (google doc)

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    Seeking Cyclists

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    Ride with the TRAILBLAZERS Tandem Cycling Club - where sighted guide volunteer captains ride up front with people who are blind, deaf‑blind or partially sighted stokers on club owned tandems.

    Feel free to call (647) 849-5900 or send an email to