Anti-Racism, Access and Equity Policy and Human Rights Complaints Procedure


The City of Toronto is made up of people from diverse communities. TRAILBLAZERS TANDEM CYCLING CLUB recognizes that the changing nature of the population has implications in terms of delivering and/or providing access to its services (e.g. programming, activities, etc.).

We recognize that barriers to services exist for members of diverse communities and we are committed to acting as a positive force in eliminating these barriers.


TRAILBLAZERS TANDEM CYCLING CLUB prohibits discrimination or harassment and protects the right to be free from hate activity based on age, ancestry, citizenship, creed (religion), colour, disability, ethnic origin, family status, gender identity, level of literacy, marital status, place of origin, membership in a union or staff association, political affiliation, race, receipt of public assistance, record of offences, sex, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristic by or within the Trailblazers Tandem Cycling Club.


a set of practices and systems designed to eliminate racism. Racism includes racist ideologies, prejudiced attitudes, discriminatory behaviours, structural arrangements and institutionalized practices resulting in racial inequality as well as the fallacious notion that discriminatory relations between groups are morally and scientifically justifiable.
the ability of or extents to which communities or residents can attain needed services and achieve full participation in the planning, development, administration and delivery of those services. Access includes client access and Trailblazers Tandem Cycling Club access.
practices designed to remove systemic barriers to equality of outcome by identifying and eliminating discriminatory policies and practices.
the act of treating a person unequally by imposing unequal burdens or denying benefits, rather than treating a person fairly on the basis of individual merit. Discrimination is usually based upon personal prejudices and stereotypical assumptions related to at least one of the grounds set out in this Policy. It is not necessary to have an intent to discriminate under the Code. Workplace rules, policies, procedures, requirements, qualifications or factors may not be directly or intentionally discriminatory but may nonetheless have an adverse effect. This may create barriers to achievement and opportunity.
a course of conduct of comments or actions that are unwelcome or should be known to be unwelcome. A person has the right to be free of humiliating or annoying behaviour that is based on one or more grounds in the Code.
Paid member of Trailblazers Tandem Cycling Club. Although members are generally drawn from the blind and vision-impaired community which we serve, anyone, regardless of vision status, may choose to become a member of Trailblazers Tandem Cycling Club.
The term Volunteer includes our sighted volunteers who assist us specifically with program delivery, i.e. riding at the front of our tandem bicycles during club rides (“Captains”). It also extends to anyone, member or not, regardless of vision status, who assists us with any other aspect of club operation, including but not limited to: governance, administration, event planning, professional assistance, provision of special assistance other than cycling (filling out forms at A.G.M., etc.).

Based on the two definitions noted above, it is possible for an individual to be both a member and a volunteer.

Any individual who participates in any ride or event held by Trailblazers Tandem Cycling Club who does not fit into the category of member or volunteer. This may include friends and family of members or volunteers, but any member of the community is welcome to join us as a guest at any of our rides or events long as they agree to abide by our code of conduct and our Anti-Racism, Access and Equity Policy.